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Brainwave Projects 45 CC is pleased to present your organization with this profile for the provision of accommodation, conferencing and audio-visual services. We understand the challenges that the organization is faced with and recognize the unique opportunity to organize, administrate and coordinate activities in this regard. We believe that the planning and management of events is on the increase and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully deliver on services needed.


Having duly studied your requirements, we are confident that our proposed services will successfully address your needs. Our goal is to help plan and manage events; provide technical support; find business strategies and solutions; and complete this by a date agreed upon by both parties, by availing yourselves to our services.


Our ability to manage events and successful track record in the industry make us an enviable partner projects. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship with your organization.

Accommodation, conferencing and audio-visual services

Brainwave Projects 45 CC is a BEE Company focusing on the private and public sector business activity solutions. The company was conceived and developed because of a need for specialist services in accommodation, conferencing, transfers and major events.



Brainwave Projects is owned and managed by a female individual and has Previously Disadvantaged Individual Status (PDI’s). Our team is made up of innovative people who decided to contribute to the advancement of effective service delivery through strategic business solutions. We believe that we can build strong business relations through the creation of employment opportunities. Through our services, we encourage empowerment of communities through employment creation and skills transfer.  We subscribe to the Employment Equity Act and a skills development program in all our business activities.



Brainwave Projects has various association agreements, which allow us to draw on a larger pool of resources and expertise giving it the capacity to deliver on projects effective and efficiently.